We Can Help You provide a safe, cost effective and simple way to cut internally generated and purchased broke rolls

The Fiber Resource Group, Inc. manufactures and sells the Butt Buster Roll Cutter. The Butt Buster Roll Cutter easily and quickly attaches to a standard lift truck and provides a myriad of benefits to printers’ converters, recyclers and paper mills that consume their own internal broke as well as purchase broke rolls. The Butt Buster will cut all grades of paper including printing paper, linerboard, newsprint, tissues and more as well as many types of plastic too. Perfect for cutting multiple narrow rolls or large roll, many customers will purchase multiple sized Butt Buster to utilize in their operation(s).

The benefits include:

• Added safety
• Reduced time cutting rolls
• Maximize value of internal and purchased broke rolls
• Minimal space required for roll cutting
• Ability to cut rolls at multiple locations within the mill
Additional benefits:
– cut rolls directly into a floor level or raised pulper, on to a conveyor, or in a baler
– no need to cut the entire roll at one time,
– no need to transport cut paper and transport from a stationary guillotine to the pulper.

Rental Units available:

TFRG offers a variety of different sized Butt Buster rental units for customer to see first-hand what a fantastic, time saving, money making, safe machine the Butt Buster is. Please contact us about our “Try it before you buy it” rental and rent to own programs.

Customized sizes to meet your needs.
**Models available up to 74″Wide X 72″Diameter**

Downloadable Content

Butt Buster Roll Cutting Instructions


Here are a few pictures and drawings that will show you the maximum versatility of the Butt Buster
The Butt Buster at work.
Here are photos to show you the “Butt Buster” and what it can do for your business.
The “Butt Buster” with the roll on the shaft custom made to accommodate narrow trim rolls or large width rolls.

“Three years ago our paper mill had a need to process rolled pulp from a sister mill on a temporary basis. Several permanent solutions were investigated but all were cost prohibitive. A colleague mentioned the “Butt Buster” as a potential solution. Marc Cooper from the Fiber Resource Group set me up with everything required to cut rolls for a fraction of the cost of a fixed guillotine. “The original plan was to use the Butt Buster for two months then decommission it, now we use it daily! The units are simple and well built. The Fiber Resource Group was willing to customize the unit to our specifications.”Wesley Litts Process Availability Leader Verso Corporation Escanaba, MI

Video Instructions

Demonstrates how NOT to cut a roll

(please note, it is not recommended to cut a smaller width roll in the center of aluminum shaft as it WILL bend and or possibly break.

Butt Buster in Action:

Instructions for attaching and removing Butt Buster from Lift truck



Butt Buster cutting plastic rolls

PVC Plastic

Plastic Film