TFRG works with many recyclers and generators of wastepaper to develop the best domestic or export markets for their scrap paper. With over 25 years’ experience in working directly with many paper mills, TFRG continues to be very successful at both helping suppliers find the most compatible outlets for their waste. At the same time, the company is very creative when it comes to helping mills source alternative lesser priced, quality raw material to help reduce overall manufacturing costs.
At its Gardner, MA operation, TFRG has the ability to effectively bale and process various grades of wastepaper from its internal converting operation as well as outside sources.

“Marc and The Fiber Resource Group were instrumental in helping our company evaluate a strategic opportunity within the pulp and paper industry. As a result of their detailed and relevant research, we were able to make an educated decision relating to this opportunity. Marc is a professional and it was a pleasure working with him and The Fiber Resource Group’Andrew Wallach President, Central National-Gottesman