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“Over the past twenty years Marc he has provided Seaman Paper with thousands of tons of good quality raw materials. He has always worked diligently and proved to be a value partner to our company.George D. Jones III President, Seaman Paper Company

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The Fiber Resource Group, Inc. currently supplies paper to a wide range of both recycling and converting customers throughout North America and abroad. With over 26 years paper industry experience, we possess extensive knowledge of most grades of paper and are very proficient at helping mills source the most compatible raw material for their production needs. At the same time, TFRG is extremely proficient at finding strategic outlets for many types of commodity and specialty paper generated from recyclers, printers, converters and paper mills.


Grades Bought and sold:
Industrial and Food Packaging
Printing & Wringing
Tissue & Toweling
Specially Grades and more…

“I have known Marc for many years. While the amount of business we have done has varied over the years, he has always remained committed to maintaining long term relationships with a number of Case Paper employees as well as me. He has proven that a small independent company can exist and thrive in an industry fraught with mill, printer and converter closures, consolidations, bankruptcies and a myriad of other challenges. I always enjoy speaking to Marc and have enjoyed watching him continue to take on new challenges and projects within the paper industry.”Peter Schaffer, Former President Case Paper

Job Lot and Finished Paper Sales:

TFRG takes a very creative approach to job lot and finished paper sales by trying to match customers with grades and types of paper that provide both the best value as well as usefulness in their operations. The company is extremely diligent at insuring paper purchased from partner mils is carefully sold into markets that do not interfere with supplier’s prime markets.


Our logistics capabilities allow us to secure the most competitive freight rates and reliable service by choosing the most effective and cost efficient mode of transportation whether it be truck, rail or intermodal.

Export Paper Brokerage

With the growing of markets overseas, TFRG has become extremely proficient at shipping paper to a number of countries outside the US, including Canada, China, India, Turkey and Israel, to name a few. In many cases, we will handle all aspects of the transaction including inland freight to the most cost effective US port or ramp, along with negotiating the best container rates to our customers.

We are knowledgeable about the quality inspection process and other important factors needed to ensure that all overseas shipments go smoothly. We track all shipments to ensure that the goods arrive in a timely fashion and all paperwork is completed accurately in order to enable the customer to efficiently receive the containers at the port of entry.