Custom Converted Paper

Thanks to our flexible operation and experienced workers, TFRG is capable of making a wide range of finished products for a variety of end users ranging from Automotive, Industrial Packaging, Arts and Crafts, Food Service and others.

Retail Products

Finished Product Sales
– Include inquiry form requesting type of paper, size rolls, application
– Arts and Krafts (Pictures)
– Giftwrap, Postal Rolls (Pictures)

TFRG is vertically integrated and capable of producing a wide range of finished retail products. In conjunction with its sister company Imagination Brands, LLC TFRG is has available many design, manufacturing, distribution and marketing resources. As a result, the company is able to produce and sell a wide range of paper rolls and other paper based products in many sizes and configurations for the Arts & Crafts, Games and Toys and Stationary channels.

If you are looking to have a paper based product made please contact TFRG to see if our capabilities fit your needs.