The Fiber Resource Group has been actively selling the Butt Buster Roll Cutter for almost 15 years to mills all over the US, Canada and Mexico.  Based on our extensive experience dealing with all types of paper mills as a raw material supplier we know first hand how valuable a tool the Butt Buster can be and is for many mills.

In addition to the Butt Buster,  TFRG was instrumental in the development and subsequent design of the patent pending Black Bear Manufacturing Roll Sizer.  This machine has been under development for almost 8 years and TFRG has the world’s only working prototype located in its’ Wisconsin warehouse facility.

Now in its final design phase, the Black Bear Manufacturing Roll Sizer will soon be commercially available to paper mills, converters, printers and other companies in need of a quick, efficient and  cost effective alternative or compliment to any rewinding operation.    The Black Bear Manufacturing Roll Sizer will be sold exclusively by TFRG.